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RegexMatch for Mac OS

With RegexMatch for Mac OS you can develop and test regular expressions on your Mac. Create your expression and automatically generate code in any one of several languages.

Intelligent syntax highlighting

Because regular expressions can be tricky to create and because longer expressions, in particular can be difficult to read, we’ve incorporated syntax highlighting into RegexMatch for Mac. In real-time, you’ll be able to quickly analyze the syntax of your expression as you develop it. Just like your favorite IDE. Also, RegexMatch for Mac continuously validates your syntax so you’ll be able to tell instantly whether your expression is valid or not.


Developing regular expressions often involves some trial and error and you think up variations in the cases that need to match. You can use Snapshots to store expressions, sample text, and options for later use. You could also use Snapshots to store commonly used regex snippets for later use.

Generate and export code

You can use RegexMatch to generate code once you’ve defined the expression. Currently we support exporting in Objective-C, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and Java. If there other languages that you would like to see but aren’t currently supported, drop us a line.


RegexMatch for Mac OS is available on the Mac App Store.


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